Preparing for your photo shoot!

Now that you have made the decision to have a professional photo, it’s time to think about a few things to ensure you look your best on the day. Preparation for your photo session is key so here are a few simple steps you can take in the weeks prior to your shoot:

Time your haircut:

Most people, especially men feel more confident when their hair is a certain length. For some it can be immediately after the cut, for others it can be a week and for some longer. Whatever your preference is, make sure you time your photo shoot appointment accordingly.

Shaving (for men)

If you want the clean look, I recommend that you shave the night before. The razor can leave rashes on your skin and 12-24 hours can help heal and reduce any redness.


The air in Melbourne is general pretty dry and can affect your skin in a negative way. A good moisturiser will give your skin a smooth glow which looks healthy. Avoid using a moisturiser with an SPF factor as it tends to be greasy and make your skin look oily. Hot spots in photos are problematic and a matt skin will always look better.

Finally, relax and get in the mood!

A person who is relaxed and in a good mood can never look unattractive. You may not have the perfect features, but if you foster good thoughts it will gleam out of your face like sunshine and you will look charming.

So there you go. All this preparation means that you should plan early and book you photo shoot well in advance. There’s nothing like a deadline to make you take action, so pick up that phone and give me a call now on 0411 461 197 or contact me here.

Wardrobe tips

Pick your clothes carefully. Avoid loud colours and complicated patterns – remember the focus is on you and not on the clothes. My advice to both men and women is to wear bloc colours as stripes and  checks can easily distract.

Remember that dark colours i.e. black, navy, charcoal etc. absorb the light and make you look slimmer. White and pastel colours reflect the light and make you look bigger.

For professional headshots:

“When you step in your clothes, you step in your role”. If your position requires you to wear a suit and tie then you should wear a suit and tie in your photo shoot. Although the trend has been a lot more relaxed in the last few years, the business shirt  and suit jacket (with or without a tie) is a safe bet. Similarly, if you wear a uniform at work, it is best to wear it for the session.

Posing Tips

Posing Tips

Some great posing tips from a former professional model