Quick Tips to Make Your Framed Photos Last a Lifetime

You can make your photographs last for generations if you follow some simple framing tips. Natural damages to photos are mostly caused by moisture/condensation and fading from UV rays. But there are a few things you can do to prevent this.

The backing to your frame matters

If your framed photograph has a wood (MDF) backing, there is a good chance that the acid contained in that MDF will turn your valuable photo, yellow. Luckily, there are ways to fix this problem:

  • Use the paper that came with your readymade frame as a protective layer. Basically turn over this paper insert so the printed side is against the MDF to protect your photo.
  • Using another mat board behind the image will create a gap between your photo and the MDF, protecting your art.
  • Replace the MDF with a foam core backing. It is acid free, and guarantees that your photograph will not fade.

Protect your photo with a mat board

How can you protect your photograph from condensation? Using a mat board within a frame creates a space between your photograph and the glass – this considerably minimises the possibility of water vapour damage.

Plus, they look good!

Protect your photos from fading

If your photograph is located in an area exposed to direct sunlight, picking the right frame glass with UV protection will ensure that your print doesn’t fade over time. Conservation Clear Glass blocks out 99% of UV rays, and ensures your art is protected against long term fading.

Use the right tape

When using mat boards, aligning your photo into the perfect position within a frame is made easy using tape – however, are you using the correct type of tape? You should only use specially purposed Framing Tape to align your photo. Framing Tape can also be used to seal the back of your frame, preventing damage from dust or insects.

Make your photos last longer

Printing on photo rag will ensure your photos last longer. Photo Rag is made from 100% cotton and has been confirmed to last 10 times longer than regular photo paper.

What do I recommend for Picture Frames?

For a long time since having our own family portraits done by renowned photographer Robert Piccoli, I have loved black picture frames. Modern black picture frames are timelessly popular in interior design. Classic, elegant and sophisticated, a black picture frame will complement your place and look amazing against almost any paint colour.

Black Picture Frames


The distinction between a home and a house is what you put in it. A house will show a contemporary clinical interior but a home tells the story of the people who live there. The best way to tell these stories is with picture frames.

Need Some Help?

Don’t know where to start or need some inspiration with your family portraits? I’ll visit you at home and spend some time understanding your environment and aspirations. From there, together we’ll put in place a theme and decide on a photo shoot. I will capture these moments that will never be there again and I guarantee, you will love these photos for the rest of your life.

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