Headshot & Portrait Photographer

about me

I knew since my late teens that photography would one day be my full time occupation.

Back then, in the days of black and white film, I had converted my Mum’s laundry into a photo lab. There, I would develop and print photos until the wee hours of the morning.  I thought that I would get a job working as a photographer upon leaving school. Somehow, professionally life took me on a different path and photography remained just a hobby.

In 2016 however, my life took a different turn when I sold my financial services business. Suddenly I was free to throw myself again into photography. You can read more about my story in this blog.

Born and growing up on the beautiful island of Mauritius, I was captivated by the vibrant tropical colours around me. I think this is reflected in my work where I try to capture the infinite subtleties of different colour palettes.

the present

In 1983 I migrated to Australia and for the past 23 years have lived in Kensington. This inner suburb of Melbourne is right across the road from where the famous race that stops a nation, the Melbourne Cup of course, takes place every year.

I could photograph all the things I love in life: travel, good food, animals, cars and old buildings just to name a few. But the photography I’m most passionate about is capturing moments in people’s lives, hence my specialty for portraits and corporate headshots.

Having grown up with film, I have made it my mission to renew interest in the lost art of beautiful fine-art prints. We’ve never taken so many photos since the advent of the mobile phone but they’re all hidden away in an electronic device. That’s why I include a fine-art print in all my portrait packages. I think you will love a timeless photo of you and your loved ones.

Outside work, I enjoy taking my classic Porsche on a weekend drive, or exercise with my best friend Juke, (woof woof). I also like to cook a good meal and spend time with friends and family.

I travel almost anywhere for work within the metropolitan Melbourne area, so please give me a call on 0411 461 197 to book your next project.

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